48°13‘19.7’‘N 16°21’28.1’’E
48.222151, 16.357815

You stopped? Because of me? Oh, please excuse my manners, I very well appreciate your interest. It is just… unexpected. You know in my glory days I was famous in the whole city and beyond. People came from far and wide to bask in my poetry. You would have been lucky to even get a place here. The crowds would reach up and down the entire stairs, spilling into the streets even. Oh, glorious days! The words just used to bubble up out of me.

Yet it seems that all that is good must one day come to an end and this was no exception. I felt my audience grow impatient, disinterested even. More and more people rushed past me, up and down the stairs, restless and only focused on their next destination. My words need space to breath, time to settle and both seemed to be steadily shrinking. Soon no one had time to even stick around much less listen to my poems. I just felt uninspired and bored. The occasional passersby who stopped for me would find me silent. Long has my silence lasted now and long the muses have left me.

I didn’t even dare to hope for change, but now after all these years I see the friendly face of a Monster Hunter. An engaging conversation, new perspectives. Oh, wait! I have an idea. A peek into the future. A bright future, something quietly bubbling up. Could it be? I feel… inspiration! May these lines be in your honor!

The flow of time may yet enlighten
Whether free or underground
Knowledge, art the stream gains might and
Swells ‘til greatness is abound

Oh, what a rush, what a feeling! Thank you! With a moment of earnest attention, you gave me an invaluable gift. I could see myself as a poet again, as an artist. I had almost forgotten what that felt like.

I wish you save travels my dear Monster Hunter! Close to here there is a secret garden, perfect for a moment of rest. If you need some relaxation, I recommend you check if it is open. Everything should be marked on your map!