48°12‘46.9″N 16°23’18.1″E
48.213028, 16.388369

Georgina made her way towards the water. She knew very well, where she needed to check next. It was her place of power. Her portal into a good life. A place to recharge, a place to find peace, a place to clear her thoughts. Everyone should have such a place, she thought to herself. Sometimes we all need a place to just breath for a second. A place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. To calm our thoughts and fears.

Georgina’s place was located on the canal, on the banks of the river. She almost didn’t find it, that’s how much it had changed. She was looking for something that resembled a gazebo of some sort. But she couldn’t find it. Only after she looked on the floor, she realised that the gazebo had gone. There, between two trees, she found, what were clear markings on the floor. This is where the gazebo had stood. But now, only 12 concrete circles on the floor remained. Three had lost their green colour and started to be overgrown with grass. Looking from above G could still recognize the shape of the gazebo that once stood there. It was a hexagon, a form with 6 edges. She remembered clearly, sitting there, on this green beach, reading a book, looking out over the river. It had been a calm place. A place where she didn’t have to consume anything, she could just sit there and relax. Around her she saw the bars and cafés that had started to be set up. Nice places, most of them, but they didn’t provide the calmness and freedom, she was looking for.

Georgina wasn’t sure what had changed this place. It seemed like the grant had taken over here too, but maybe it was just time. Maybe the changes of the city had made it impossible for her portal to exist. Maybe, she just needed to find another place to restore her power.

G decided to put a spell on the remnants of her special place of power. A spell that would make the plants grow. A spell that would make sure no-one would take down the trees or grass or take away the benches close by. A spell, so that other people might find and use this place to relax and think and just enjoy life.

She started at one of the corners of the hexagon. She went around it once, mumbling one word at each concrete circle and with the last one, she crossed towards the adjacent circle swiftly with the largest possible steps she could manage, shouting the word “hex” with each step:

Monster hunters protect this

City. Find a place

That is still pretty!

Hex Hex Hex!