48°13‘15.3’‘N 16°21’11.9’’E
48.220910, 16.353304

I am doing my duty here and, yes, that hasn’t always been easy. At some times I was about to despair. Me, the Watcher of the Meadow, helpless against the disappearance of all I was sworn to protect? What some call progress, I was always skeptical about. All too often nature seemed to be destroyed and Monsters chased away. So, I did what a watcher does, and I fought back!

I was lonely, hurt, and grumpy! And that is exactly what I made the people here feel. My grumpiness lay over this area like a dark storm cloud and touched everyone who stayed too long. I wasn’t happy I had to resort to such drastic measures, but at least, so I thought, I was fighting against change, against this so-called progress. For a time, everything turned grey.

One day, even though my grumpiness still loomed, some young people dared to approach me. They painted me in wild colors and patterns. And then I began to see: Children, playing on the grass under the trees, adults that met up for a quick respite from their busy lives. Life and color had returned to my world, and I almost didn’t notice. I understood then that not all change is dangerous. My meadow had been in constant flux since ancient times, always changing and evolving. Over time humans had simply become a part of that.

From then on, I began to look at change differently. I even found a lot of joy in documenting it over time and collecting artifacts. Much of my grumpiness dispersed. But don’t get me wrong: the people who come here with the wrong ideas still feel my grumpiness. I made sure that no one even tries to construct any office buildings or parking lots under my watchful eyes.

So, as you can see I did quite well on my own here. You know what though? There are still some things that really make me grumpy. First of all: where is my water?! Look at me I’m a well without water. Something just seems to be blocking my connection to the river.

And then there is of course my collection. It grew quite big over the years, and it really captures the history of this area. You should really take a look if you can. But you probably can’t unless it is Wednesday or Sunday. How annoying! Feel free to leave some grumpy stickers there if you can’t get in.