48°12‘44.7″N 16°19’53.9″E
48.212420, 16.331650

Kangal: Woof!
Angora: Miaow!
Kangal: Nothing better to say, Habibi?
Angora: No.
Kangal: Türkçe biliyormusun?
Angora: Pardon me?
Kangal: I just wanted to know if you still speak Turkish?
Angora: Sorry Habibi, I don’t speak that well, my ancestors came from Ankara many centuries ago.
 Kangal: Why do people stare at us?
Angora: You mean the ones with the cards in their hands?

Kangal: No, human beings in general.
Angora: People think we are archenemies.
Kangal: You’re a cat and I’m a dog, what’s so special?!
Angora: I’m not a normal ‘cat’.
Kangal: And I’m not just any random slum dog. I’m a guard dog bred by aristocrats. Kangals are put in action all over the world!
Angora: You look after sheep. Wow!
Kangal: Listen – I deal with wolves, bears, lions and jackals!
Angora: But actually, why are you so still?
Kangal: Last time when I raised my paw to greet you, you thought I was attacking you!
Angora: I’m sorry, must have been a misunderstanding!
While washing her hands Georgina overheard their conversation. That Georgina mastered the thought language of animals was of course nothing Angora and Kangal knew. And what’s unknown to most people is that dogs and cats don’t hate each other, they simply have different temperaments. Very similar to the owner of Café Putz and Señora Serrano from the market stand over the way. He couldn’t help to frown when she addressed her customers with ‘my darling’. Georgina sat down on a rough wooden bench in between the tomato plants. A wind gust blew yellow leaves onto her face. Right at this moment a small boy in a rabbit-suit exited the Superzelle. Georgina grasped for air. She was really at a magical place.
PD 1: Dear unknown friend, before continuing your journey to the next wonder; enter the Superzelle or if you are already on your way, enter any other old phone boot. Once inside, close your eyes and imagine as which animal, superhero or being you want to continue this adventure. Transformation, by the way, disturbs the Monsters to settle in your mind.

PD 2: Warning! On the way to the next wonder, please stay on the Tram. The upcoming districts are especially high in monster density.