48°13‘18.5’‘N 16°22’03.9’’E
48.221815, 16.367755

You look tired Monster Hunter but judging by the look in your eyes you were quite successful today. Am I right? The return of the Guild of the Mind, what a historic day! I am happy for you but allow old Bacchus here to give you a bit of advice: Your mind is a powerful tool as you have learned today but know that it needs something to balance it. Let me tell you a story so you understand what I mean.

It is about a great architect, thinker and Monster Hunter, a man of exceptional talents. I was proud that I could call him my friend. From childhood on he was a dedicated pupil and a quick learner. Early on he threw himself into the study of sciences: mathematics, geometry, monsterology. His talent, perceptiveness and quick grasp helped him progress quickly and when he finally discovered his love for architecture there was no stopping him. He dedicated years to its study, often forgetting the world around him completely, lost in deep contemplations. The search for the fundamental laws and workings of the field propelled him ever further.

During this time, he was obsessed with discovering a general formula for architecture, a solution to everything. Rationality and logic were his guiding stars on the way of pure knowledge. But at the same time a deep exhaustion and depression overcame him. He felt stuck and began to doubt the feasibility of his grand plan. This was the man I encountered and got to know.

One mild summer evening he walked restlessly along the canal not far from here. When I asked him what seemed to be the problem, he told me of his worries. I, the god of creativity, festivity and art didn’t really see the point of his venture at first. It seemed overburdened by logic, rules, and headiness. Conversely, he didn’t think much of my attitude. But I could feel his passion and he did catch my interest. We argued until late in the night (there might have been some of my famous wine involved), but slowly we started to find common ground.

Together we saw a new formula take form, one of balance between beauty and rationality. From then on, we would meet up, talk, and exchange ideas regularly. And with each time, I saw, to my great delight, that my friend was regaining his energy, shaking off his depression
and growing more and more confident again. The new formula was making fast progress and his goals were close to completion.

Today many buildings in this city and beyond are influenced by this formula. Even this one right here where I took residence. Sadly, I can still feel when rationality is getting the upper hand again and it happens quite often. It really sours my mood to see people losing their balance like that. So here is my advice: A sharp mind requires a full heart and a good gut instinct to balance it out. Every Apollo needs his Dionisius.

I think it is time for you to relax now and stay balanced! Find yourself a nice place, maybe one where you can get something good to eat and drink and celebrate what you accomplished today! Long live the Guild of Mind!